"You can not understand good design if you do not understand people".

Dieter Rams, 1976


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My name is Ron Ferencz . I am a graduate of ‘Shenkar College of Design, Art and Engineering’ in Israel.    Since graduation, I have experimented with a number of different and varied projects and workplaces, some with a more specific focus on product development and styling, and some more on productive emphasis and specific solutions by design.

Among the clients of the projects where I worked in the studios can be found ‘Raphael’, ‘Mobileye’, ‘Musashi’ and various other companies and start-ups in the field of medical products, military and toys development.

Recently I was a partner in a project in collaboration with Tel Aviv University to develop an artificial intelligence robot that will allow children from around the world to learn English easily.

During this period, I personally won several design awards; the most important was the first place in the Red Dot design award competition in the medical products category.

Since childhood, much of my life I dealt with music, jazz for specific. As a professional saxophone player I preformed on many stages all over Israel and the world. Since I entered the world of design, I feel that as in jazz improvisation, I have the possibility of expressing myself freely, honestly and creatively. And by doing that, I believe I can make a substantial contribution to society and mankind.



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