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final render2606.391.jpg
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Client: Shenkar college

Year: 2016

General background

This project demonstrates the future of eye surgery.

a medical robot that can perform a transatlantic and transnational surgery, can enable Patients receive treatment by Vitreous surgeons while far away.

The surgeon can use a console to operate this robot remotely located.

The design is meant to improve the patients' user experience, while undergoing surgery by intimidating robotic arms without any physical contact with his surgeon.

Design process

Retinal surgery is a complex process that only a few skilled surgeons are qualified to perform, and as such, there is a very large need for retinal surgeons. However, most of the medical knowledge is located in the western part of the globe, concentrated in big cities. To address this issue, Vitreous Robotresponds to the question in medical device design: Is it possible to create a non-frightening surgical experience for the delicate eye area, especially when the patient is located remotely? 

Form development

As a medical robot, Vitreous Robotallows for transatlantic and transnational retinal surgery. It allows professional Retinal surgeons to perform operations with a remote console from anywhere in the world, for patients located in places that lack expertise in retinal surgery. The robot has two consoles – one located where the surgeon is and the other where the patient resides. The surgeon can work from his console wherever he wants. The robotic arms perform every movement initiated by the surgeon through his console minimally and accurately. This gives an even higher level of precision in eye surgery, allowing for more complex retinal operations.


The innovative Vitreous Robotcreates a new solution and a new consciousness, socially and technologically. Through appropriate research and development, the future of medical device sees a Vitreous Robot in every hospital around the world, where each robot can be connected to the homes of any Retinal surgeon.

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