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Escooter 2 wheels

Client: Design Propel

Year: 2021

Location: Shanghai, China- Israel.

Design while working at 'Design Propel'

General background

2-wheeled scooter for ages 15 and up.

Kimi is one of the world’s leading companies specializing in developing and manufacturing unique electric scooter platforms for urban space.

Riders’ vast age range requires specific emphases and values between various age groups, so we were required to design two configurations for children and adults, conveying safety, innovation, and speed.

Design process

Based on our observations of various age groups and the technical and ergonomic emphases we received from the company's engineers, we identified significant points to generate new added value. We have created different volume work models adapted to the size and needs of the age groups for the specification of new aids that did not exist in previous versions.

Form development

Understanding the user's scenario is an integral part of the object's configurations. The chassis design as a shell that envelops the engineering design provides a narrow and dynamic look that allows for a fast ride on the vehicle while maintaining the required safety constraints and essentially works as a single holistic unit with the item’s opening and closing mechanisms.


The structural design challenge was to generate a new visual language to transition between those developmental stages. We have collected sources of inspiration that move between these two worlds to create a new form that, on the one hand, provides the feeling that the object is suitable for children and, on the other hand, resonates with a more mature language.

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