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Bluetooth riding headphones.

Client: Terrano Systems

Year: 2021

Location: Shanghai, China- Israel.

This project made in 'DESIGN PROPPEL' 

General background

Terrano Systems was developed for cyclists, by cyclists. The company has deep roots in sports and cycling.

Design process

Details of the process will be displayed soon

Form development

We believe that form and matter have a direct connection that indicates the qualities of an object’s owner. Therefore, to formulate a distinct visual language for each cross-sectional group, we created several inspiration boards, each consisting of different items that reflect the style of this persona. This adequately focuses the form research at the sketch stage.


The final results considered all technological constraints, but more significantly, were built around in-depth research on different types of people. So, please choose the pen you like best, and we’ll tell you which persona you are.

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