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Metalic pen

Client: National pen

Year: 2021

Location: Shanghai, China- Israel.

General background

National Pen is one of the largest companies specializing in developing and producing pens for the global industry, from simple plastic injection technologies to luxury diamond-studded pens. We were asked to design several concepts for metal pens manufactured using extrusion technology.

Design process

Once all necessary information, technological constraints, types of materials and component specifications, we paused the meeting for a moment and asked the customer who the product was intended for?

In other words, the designer's initial challenge is exploring the object’s territory and who will be its owner.

Beyond an object’s function and other constraints, a pen is selected by various customers from different backgrounds.

Who are these people? What are their living environments? What is their dress style? What other objects do they own? If we could visit their homes, what would we find? What external qualities do they represent?

To reflect the research process to the client, we divided the concepts into three different cross-sectional groups:

First, businessmen and women aged 50 and over in elegant attire.

Hitech-ers between the ages of 30-50 in urban sportswear.

Young people in the 15-25 age range in colorful funk attire.

Form development

We believe that form and matter have a direct connection that indicates the qualities of an object’s owner. Therefore, to formulate a distinct visual language for each cross-sectional group, we created several inspiration boards, each consisting of different items that reflect the style of this persona. This adequately focuses the form research at the sketch stage.


The final results considered all technological constraints, but more significantly, were built around in-depth research on different types of people. So, please choose the pen you like best, and we’ll tell you which persona you are.

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