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Chair and Stool


As part of a course called "90 percent wood", I designed a stool that demonstrates the dissonance between  plastic and wood, between the  modern world and industrial cold, expressed in plastic, with the warmth and rootedness that characterizes the tree. The whole stool is made of wood.

The legs of the stool are also made of wood, but by changing shape and color choice, they are "dressed up" as plastics, in an attempt to adopt properties that do not belong to them.



"Heavy on top and light on its base". That was what guided me in this project. The desire to break  the regular  way this product is conceived, led me to play with proportions and sizes – leading to a chair with a unique expretion.

This chair is made of  bent metal tubes as a result the chair is light. In addition, it is possible to replace the plastic seat chair to different colors or wood Laminating.

© 2015 by Ron Ferencz

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